Outreach & Engagement:

Outreach & Engagement:

IISSR's outreach and public engagement initiatives

IISSR engages the community through educational programs, public lectures, and hands-on student internships, fostering widespread interest and participation in space technology. Collaborative projects, exhibitions, and active social media presence further promote space tech advancements and community involvement.

School Education Programs and Resources

IISSR offers dynamic school programs, including interactive workshops, space tech lectures, and hands-on projects, designed to ignite students' interest in space science and technology. Resources include educational materials, virtual labs, and mentorship opportunities from leading space scientists.

Public lectures and stargazing events

Public Lectures: IISSR hosts regular public lectures by renowned space scientists to share insights on space technology, astronomy, and the latest research developments. These events aim to educate and inspire the community, fostering a deeper understanding of space science.

Stargazing Events: Organized stargazing nights allow the public to explore the night sky with telescopes and binoculars, guided by experts. These events provide hands-on experience with astronomy, encouraging a connection with the cosmos and highlighting the wonders of space.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Industry and Academic Partnerships: IISSR collaborates with leading organizations and academic institutions to promote joint research, internships, and knowledge exchange. These partnerships leverage collective expertise to advance space technology.

Government Collaborations: IISSR works closely with government agencies to support policy-making, research funding, and the development of space technology infrastructure. These collaborations aim to foster innovation and drive the growth of the space sector.

Visitor Information

Tours: Guided tours through the institute’s exhibits, including satellite models and space tech displays, with knowledgeable guides explaining each exhibit.

Exhibits: Interactive demonstrations and displays showcasing the latest in space technology, designed to engage and educate visitors.